allow life to flow
allow life to flow

Even if something’s carved in stone, it’s all just grains of sand

In the end we’re all ashes and dust

Why hold steadfast to things that can be blown away in a whisper?

Mountains erode, rivers run dry

The moon is full, then in her cycle… disappears

Why cling to the wax or the wane?

In her orb, she returns different each time ~ but never less brilliant

The light… something to hold onto

Even in darkness you can still be aware of it’s essence

It leaves its glow on all things

Like a spirit, it can touch you

In ways you can never forget

The vessel that harboured that spirit can be gone from sight

But never from the minds eye or the hearts touch

So I guess the key is to hold onto the essence and the lesson

But not the form or the teacher

Respect is given. Honour and love too

But the greatest gift would be thanks

Gratitude. Not for what was or could be

But for what is

And that’s the essence of this thing called Life.

The reason for this piece was to process my understanding of “non attachment”. It was/is a difficult concept for me to fully embody. Yoga philosophy teaches that all suffering comes from attachment. Whether that be a craving for something we desire or an aversion to something we detest. It all falls under the umbrella of attachment. When we desire something then we receive it, we start to fear that we will lose it. This is the suffering that comes from craving. On the opposite side, when we have a distaste for something, we start to worry about having to encounter this thing in our lives. This is the form of suffering that aversion takes in our lives.

Attachment to the outcome. Attachment to the feeling. Attachment to the fear. All still attachment.

Imagine if we cried when flowing water slipped through our fingers because we were trying to hold onto it. That thought seems ludicrous. Everyone knows you can’t hold water so we are not attached to that outcome. The same rule applies to life. We cannot hold onto anything forever. Life is ever moving. Ever changing. Ever flowing. Every tangible thing is like water slipping through our fingers. Impermanent. Doesn’t make it any less beautiful or amazing. It most definitely is. Life is fragile and can be gone in the blink of an eye so why spend it in suffering? Why not delight in every joy or shed a tear in every sadness but allow those emotions to flow through us. Allow us the experience of them but let them go to experience another when it rises to the surface.

For me the key is acceptance. Not the what if of the past or what could’ve been for the future, but the ‘what is’. Accepting all situations as they are. No labels. No judgements. No justifications of “I do this because I like it” or “I don’t do this because I hate it”. Understanding that everything is unfolding exactly as it is. Consciousness experiencing life in human form is simply that…. a conscious experience. Understanding that can take away so much unnecessary suffering and strife. So much worry. So much needing. So much feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled. Waiting to protect our desires from what we fear most or fearing encountering the things we wish to avoid.

I tell you the truth when I fear, for example, not having money for my bills, I call that very stressful thing to me. The thing I am consciously trying to avoid… I am subconsciously calling through my mental attachment to it. The constant thinking about it. The “what if’s” with every bill I get in the mail. We all have the tendency to dwell for longer than is needed on the aversions and cravings in our lives. Always bouncing between the past or future. Almost never allowing the “now” to flow along our path without trying to control it and tug it in the direction we want it to flow. Our human mind is pretty hilarious. Does the exact opposite of flowing and attempts to control the uncontrolable.

In my opinion, the biggest battle of attachment we as humans face is the attachment to life which goes hand in hand with our aversion to death. Even though we know its the one thing no one can escape. No matter your age, status, gender or religion. We cling on with dear life (see what I did there?) to something we know we cannot hold onto. And thus, the ultimate suffering.

I’ve attached a wonderful animation by Aisha Azim. It portrays this universal attachment in the most beautiful way.

Watch: The Life of Death

So, point of all this?! I ask you to allow your life to flow without resistance. Try, just with one tiny thing, on a daily basis to observe the flow of events (big or small) as they move in and out of your day. With no attachment to any particular outcome. Simply bear witness to consciousness experiencing this existence and I promise you… what you will witness is all the joy, love and contentment will have room to manifest abundantly.

.let go.


let go of the outcome
let go of the outcome


Doesn't sound so zen... haha
Doesn’t sound so zen… haha

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