Awaken the Teacher

Lessons in Silence
Lessons in Silence

In absence I am whole
In presence I am complete
Neither seeking here nor there
Fulfilled to the brim
Fountaining out
Encompassed by acceptance
Radiating light beyond measure
Luminous with love
To continue the journey, now outward
To ignite everything I touch aflame
To feel comfort
To feel safe
To feel their beauty
Our beauty
And illuminate together
Be like the stars and ever shine

So I wrote this during my Yoga Nidra teacher training after coming out of a very deep session. I think it’s considered “Automatic Writing”. I have studied spirituality since I can remember. My sister then introduced me to the Celestine Prophecy when I was 14 and that lead me to quantum physics and meditation. I started reading about witchcraft, learning about alchemy and always feeling connected and very aware of the energies that flowed around and through me.
I actually took my Yoga Teacher Training without the intention to actually teach. I didn’t feel like I had that much knowledge or experience. Or really that anyone would want to listen to what I had to say about it all haha
But after my training, after my nidra experiences I felt the teacher within, awaken. I did a lot of work on my throat chakra. It felt blocked for some reason and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t attune.
Then I realized I had to start at the foundation. Start at the root. Feel steady and stable in my own knowledge. In my own body. In my own self. And once I acknowledged that, my throat started opening. Strange how that works hey?! Focusing so much on one thing that I was blinded to the very obvious solution.
Long story short… I had begun my seemingly destined journey to teach.
My experiences in my time here have taught me that everyone is a teacher in some form. My daughters teach me every day, if my ego allows them to.
The piece I wrote seemed to come from a very deep place of inspiration and community. Realizing the value in my experiences and what knowledge I can be a vessel for. As well as having a desire to build strong relationships with like-minded and like-hearted people. Cultivating something that can nourish and illuminate those around us. Passing it on to spark that inspiration in everyone we touch.
So I guess my reason for this post is to invite you to acknowledge your inner teacher. Water that little seed with all the love, confidence and encouragement that you can muster and every single day, pass on a little piece of your experience. Your consciousness is here, breathing life in whatever form you choose to make it. Why not choose to make others journey’s lighter. Filled with more love. More grounding. Be a safe place for unsettled hearts and soft spaces for the hurt ones. Hold space for the teachers in our lives and the students. We are both of these at all times.

I look forward to cultivating an amazingly luminous existence with you.

.be love.

you were born to light up the world
you were born to light up the world
sacred knowledge
sacred knowledge