Ok… a little about me. My name is Kirsten but most family and friends call me kurst. I have 2 amazing daughters… Mikhael Sequoia who is 6 and Sparrow Ivy now 1. Typical for a mum to say but… I adore my girls. I learn from them both every single day. Mikhael is kind hearted and absolutely brilliant. Full of energy and a curiosity about everything. Sparrow is insanely joyful yet very calm. Observant and full of a wonderment of this new world she’s experiencing in physical form. And me… I’m a little bit of both. Believer of love. Believer of magic. Warrior of the light with a very sarcastic sense of humour.

So… I was going through my journals one day and got hit by a spark of inspiration to start a blog. Having no idea if anyone out there would actually want to spend their time reading what goes on in my head… haha … but feeling as though even if one piece I write transmits the inspiration or creative healing to help someone on this journey we call life… then that would be pretty damn worth it.

I write about my life, my experiences, my random and not so random thoughts, my daughters, different ways I express emotion and my spiritual journey. Hopefully whoever is reading this finds something that resonates and promotes growth. If not, I’ll make sure to at least post cool pics.:)



Cosmic journeys with my external hearts